Content Marketing Strategy

What is Content Marketing Strategy?

Content Marketing Strategy is a blueprint that focuses on how to create and promote content to attract prospects to your business.

It starts by establishing what content to initiate.

The next step is to determine how to market your content using the four main types of online promotions: SEO, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Social Media Marketing.

Once we have established the marketing plan, it's time to execute on the strategy. 

Why Do I Need A Content Marketing Strategy?

By the time you've written, published, and even thought about promoting your content, you're one of a million people who have used the day accomplishing the same task.

Despite the competition, you may have seen your competitor in your market have success. They're attracting the attention that you'd like for your content.

How do they do that?

A content marketing strategy gets your content more attention and drives more results.

What is SEO and Content Marketing?

SEO is at the core of content marketing.

SEO offers continuous inbound traffic to your website. Once Google has ranked your website for your keywords, and people search for that keyword, you will have guaranteed organic search traffic coming to your website each month.

Without SEO at the core of your content strategy, you will consistently have to recreate content that will deliver one-time results.

When great content is created for SEO, then the rest of the company's content marketing efforts have more flexibility.

What is Our Approach to Content Marketing?

We find content that has already ranked with Google.

  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Open Site Explorer

After visiting these resources, we'll have a list of content that people are actively seeking and consuming. 

We enhance that content. How?

  • Bring content up-to-date.
  • Make content comprehensive.
  • Make content appealing.
  • Make content easier and entertaining

Once content has been enhanced, it is now ready to be shared.

Then, we use that content to promote directly to your target audience.

  • People who have an interest in your topic.
  • People who have linked to similar topics.

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