SEO Audit

What is SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is an analysis of critical components that can impact a company's organic search results.

C&J Marketing aggregates 75+ of the top SEO audit and website review tools to evaluate these components. We deliver an action plan to a company to help improve their SEO presence. 

SEO Audit Checklist

Here are the components that we evaluate in an SEO audit:

  1. Indexing - How your site is read by search engines.
  2. Accessibility - How your site is read by search engines.
  3. Site Architecture - Technical analysis of your website setup. 
  4. Content Evaluation - What your content is doing to help drive business.
  5. Mobile Optimization - How your website appears on mobile devices.
  6. User Experience - Evaluation of your website design and your user behaviors.
  7. Social Media - How social media is complimenting your search efforts.
  8. On Page Optimization - Factors that influence search rankings.
  9. Keyword Analysis - How you and your competition appear in organic search engines.
  10. Link Analysis - External and internal link evaluation.

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