PPC Audit

What is PPC Audit?

A PPC Audit is an analysis of critical components that can impact a business' paid advertising results.

C&J Marketing aggregates all of the top PPC Audit and analysis tools to evaluate critical PPC advertising components in order to deliver an action plan to help a business improve their PPC efforts.

Our PPC Audit Checklist

  1. Advertising Research - Uncover competitors' keywords, ad strategies and budget.
  2. Quality Score - How it is impacting rankings and costs.
  3. Landing Page Optimization - Analysis of the users experience once they click on an ad.
  4. Budget - Maximize opportunity and minimize waste with the right budget amount.
  5. Account Activity - Best practices within your PPC account to see better success.
  6. Keyword Research - Finding the right keywords and gather phrase matches.
  7. Ad Text Optimization - How your Ad Text impacts impressions, clicks, CTR (cost through rate), and ad ranking.
  8. Tracking - What is going right and wrong through your conversion tracking. 

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